Are you planning to rent a vehicle for your next family road trip? At EZ Rent A Van, we have many rental options and one of our most popular for families is the minivan. If you’ve been considering a minivan rental but aren’t completely sold on the idea, here are three reasons why it just might be the best choice for you and your family.

Minivans Are Perfect for Family Trips

1. Super Comfortable

You may feel that you don’t need a minivan because you only have two or three kids. However, minivans were literally built for comfortable travel no matter how many family members you need to haul. Whether you plan to stay around San Diego, of you’re planning a family trip out of town, your family will thank you for not cramming them into a sedan. Because a minivan can accommodate up to seven passengers, your family will be able to stretch out and ride in comfort. And, let’s face it, kids typically travel better when they have a little space between them.

2. Super Convenient

If you’ve never driven a minivan, you’ll be shocked at all the convenient features that are standard. From sliding doors to plenty of cup holders, your minivan rental will make traveling easier. Many people even say that once they’ve experienced a tight parking lot with sliding doors, they can’t ever go back to standard doors! In addition, you’ll enjoy dual climate zones to keep everyone happy, a stereo system, tons of storage capacity, and more!

3. Super Affordable

At EZ Rent A Van, we believe that renting a vehicle shouldn’t take up your entire vacation budget. So, when it comes to van rentals, the minivan is a solid choice. It has good fuel efficiency for driving in the city or a longer road trip with highway miles. Plus, in addition to our affordable rental rates, you may even qualify for more discounts, so check out our current specials before you book!

For a quality minivan rental that will keep the entire family happy, contact EZ Rent A Van today at (760) 846-6223 or make a reservation online. Whether you’re visiting San Diego or just starting your road trip here, let the specialists at EZ Rent A Van improve your ride.