Road trips are one of the great American pastimes. We even have songs romanticizing the thrill of hitting the open road, all in the company of your best friends or favorite family members. But sometimes reality can make your travel experience a little less than thrilling. By planning ahead and always maintaining your sense of humor, your road trip won’t get derailed. A good place to start? Talk to the expert team at EZ Rent A Van for your next van rental!

Take a Road Trip in a Van Rental

1. Make sure you have plenty of room for everyone. 

The secret for a happy road trip? Having enough space in your vehicle to give everyone the room they need. With our minivans that seat six people, 12-passenger vans, and 15-passenger vans, you’ll always have enough space for everyone and their luggage.

2. Plan for stops.

When estimating the length of time to get from point A to point B, don’t just go off of what Google Maps says. Factor in meals, gas station stops, and breaks to get out and stretch your legs. You’ll get to your destination in a much happier frame of mind if you’ve been able to move around a bit during the trip. Plus, you’ll get to see a little more of the area you’re traveling through!

3. Choose healthy food and drinks.

You don’t have to say “no” to In-N-Out, especially if you’re here visiting California — live a little! But you’ll feel much better if you choose healthier food options rather than a fried food menu. Fruit, nuts, cheese, veggies, etc., are all great road trip snacks. For staying awake on the road, caffeinated beverages are a popular choice, but remember to drink plenty of water, too. 

4. Choose EZ Rent A Van.

Since 2006, EZ Rent A Van has been been providing convenient van rental options throughout the San Diego region. Whether you are visiting the area for a special occasion or hitting the road on a group excursion, our well-serviced fleet will get you and your companions to your destination in maximum comfort. Contact us today at (760) 846-6223 for a free quote on your ideal van rental.