San Diego Travel TipsAre you planning to spend spring break in San Diego, CA? California is a great place to get away, enjoy the sunshine, and soak up the local culture. (Plus, our crew at EZ Rent A Van is ready to help you with all your van rental needs.) To make your trip more hassle-free, consider these four travel tips from our staff.

1. Set a vacation budget.

Don’t leave home without first deciding how much money you want to spend on spring break. Failure to lay out a financial plan usually results in overspending. So don’t go broke, and set a budget.

2. Always look for deals.

Many people book van rentals, accommodations, tickets to attractions, and more without even looking for online discounts or asking about special rates. You can get more for less out of your vacation if you do some digging and look for specials or coupons. At EZ Rent A Van, we offer special discounts right on our website, making our affordable vans even more budget-friendly.

3. Don’t procrastinate.

It’s easy to let spring break sneak up on you. Suddenly, you realize you haven’t reserved your flight to California or made arrangements for where to stay. Don’t panic. Instead, get all your big decisions (flights, van rentals, accommodations, etc.) out of the way as soon as possible. Doing so will save you stress, time, and money as prices often go up as demand increases over the spring break season.

4. Keep comfort in mind.

If you’re traveling with your family or with friends, consider renting a minivan to get around San Diego. Yes, a minivan may not be as flashy as that Jeep or convertible, but it’s loaded with extras that make travel simple and comfortable. You’ll have plenty of space for everyone in your group and your luggage.

Ready to get your van rental booked? We can help you find the right van at the right price and even make arrangements to have your van ready at the San Diego International AirportContact EZ Rent A Van today at (760) 846-6223, or make a reservation online.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay