No matter where your summer road trips take you this year, one fact always remains the same: kids get bored in cars. Although most kids these days have electronic devices to keep them occupied, buying them for your kids specifically to use as car entertainment might be expensive. To keep your trip on a tight budget and get your kids to experience things other than a screen while you’re away, our team at EZ Rent A Van has some non-electronic entertainment suggestions.

How to Keep the Kids Entertained on a Road Trip

Our Favorite Car Ride Entertainment

There are several ways to entertain your children that will cause them to put away their electronic games and tablets with just a little imagination and preparation. Listed here are some of our favorites:

  • State License Plate Checklist: This checklist of American license plates from across the country can be printed off before you leave. Have your kids look out for these and mark them off the list when they come across them. By the end of the journey, see how many different license plates you can find!
  • Coloring Kit: Bring coloring materials with you, including colored pencils, coloring books, and blank paper. Because you’ll likely be traveling during warm San Diego weather and don’t want the crayons to melt in the car, we advise leaving those at home.
  • Audio Books: We love the idea of sharing an audiobook as a family. Little children could follow along with the matching picture book, if you have any. Even if you don’t have an audio version, your older children could bring a book to read aloud. You could even read the same book as a family and have in-car discussions about it.
  • I-Spy/Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of the items you want to see while traveling. Your children will enjoy searching for each item, and it will guarantee that they are genuinely taking in the surroundings as you travel.

Rent a Minivan

When traveling as a family, especially with young kids, a minivan rental is the way to go. A minivan allows you to travel in complete comfort and convenience without sacrificing your travel budget. At EZ Rent A Van, we offer free drop-off and pick-up, and we make it easy to have a stress-free vacation. Contact us today at (760) 846-6223 or make a reservation online.