With summer break in full swing and the country slowly reopening after COVID-19, the time is ripe for a family road trip. Many families are packing their bags, planning routes, and preparing for an adventure after months of being cooped up. However, for many, the hardest part of vacation prep is budgeting. While the pandemic may have tightened your budget and limited the places you can go, with a little creativity and these tips from EZ Rent A Van, you can still do a family road trip at low cost.

How to Save Money on Gas

Fill Up at the Right Time

A great way to save money on gas is by wisely choosing when you fill up. Typically, Wednesday mornings are the best time to fill up, as prices tend to go up at the start of the weekend. Additionally, gas prices in the mornings tend to be cheaper, as gas station managers will typically check the competition’s prices in the morning and if everyone else has raised the prices, they likely will, too. Finally, if you are traveling during a holiday, be sure to fill up well before the actual holiday.

Use an App

There is nothing more frustrating than filling your tank, only to encounter a station down the road that is significantly cheaper. Luckily, technology has solved this problem for us. By using an app like GasBuddy, you can view gas prices in your area in real time. With this tool, you will be able to search by the type of fuel, the cheapest gas prices, and the closest gas stations.

Practice Smart Driving

Smart driving is the collection of techniques and strategies that maximize car fuel efficiency. Doing things like avoiding idling, keeping speed consistent, turning off your A/C at lower speeds, and parking in the shade; you can significantly increase your fuel efficiency and thus save money.

For additional savings on your road trip, rent a van from EZ Rent A Van. We serve San Diego County with a variety of van rental options. Reserve online now, or contact us at (760) 846-6223 today!