Are you heading to San Diego on a family vacation soon? Whether you’re planning on exploring our many beautiful beaches, or you want to visit historic Coronado Island, a minivan rental will make transportation around the city easier, and allow you to be as spontaneous as you’d like. At EZ Rent A Van, we want you to make the most of your vacation, so we’re sharing our favorite tips for planning and packing for a big road trip.

San Diego Road Trip Essentials

Book Your Transportation

In addition to your lodging, your transportation arrangements are the most important element of your trip. Start by reserving a minivan for your family so you will have plenty of space, storage, and cargo room. Because, while you might be able to squeeze into a rental car, it will likely be overcrowded once you add in your beach bags and picnic baskets.

Leave Room for Surprises

At EZ Rent A Van, we value proper planning and scheduling as much as the next guy. However, having an overbooked, over-planned schedule while on vacation is not fun for anyone, especially kids. So, while you should have a general idea of your daily schedule, make sure you leave time for impromptu stops and family fun time. After all, that’s how memories are made!

Pack the Essentials

Finally, when you’re getting ready for a family day trip in San Diego, don’t forget to bring a camera, sunscreen, bathing suits and towels, sunglasses, and wipes. You can pick up water and snacks along the way, and you can stop frequently, so you shouldn’t need several toys or activity books to keep the kids busy.

Reserve a minivan for your trip to San Diego today by contacting EZ Rent A Van at (760) 846-6223. Since 2006 our friendly staff has helped families hit the road and create wonderful memories in our reliable van rentals.