Some moves are smaller than a full-blown house move, and therefore they don’t require a large moving truck. This is when cargo vans like ours at EZ Rent A Van come in handy! They get the job done, and they’re much less expensive than renting a big moving truck.

Some “small” moves may include college students moving into dorms or just one family member moving out of the house. While some people may attempt to get through their small move with a pickup truck, a cargo van offers more safety and protection than a pickup truck can. And while some people think they can only fit everything into a regular moving truck, this isn’t always the case.

Here are some great reasons to choose a cargo van over a pickup truck or a large moving van for your small move.

Cargo Van for Small Moves

#1. Cargo Vans Are Enclosed

With a cargo van, your belongings won’t be as exposed as they would in a pickup truck. There’s also more space in a cargo van than a pickup truck.

#2. Multiple Trips Are Easier

If you’re worried that a cargo van may not be large enough for your belongings, keep in mind that a cargo van is small and convenient enough that making a couple trips will be easy.

#3. Cargo Vans Are Easy to Maneuver

A cargo van is going to be much easier to drive and park than a big moving truck. And while pickup trucks are small, it’s often tempting to pack them “high”—such as loading in a mattress that may not clear a parking garage. With a cargo van, you’ll have a more convenient vehicle that cannot be over-stacked.

At EZ Rent A Van, we offer convenient cargo rentals for your small moving needs. If you’re in the San Diego County area including Carlsbad, San Diego, or Oceanside, CA, we can help you. Just call us at (760) 846-6223 to get a quote!

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