Travel TipsIs your church, school, or civic group planning an outing in San Diego County? Are you trying to figure out how to get everyone to the San Diego Zoo or perhaps Balboa Park without having to make multiple trips or attempting public transit? Well, don’t work yourself into a tizzy. Instead, call your new friends at EZ Rent A Van. Our staff have served groups just like yours multiple times. Whether you’re planning an day out in the city or you’re headed out of state, we can help you find just the right van rental to fit your needs and budget. Here are some of your options.


The most comfortable and economical van option is the minivan. It’s great if your group is smaller (seven or less) or if you value comfort and convenience. Our minivan rentals come equipped with plenty of cargo space, automatic transmission, stereo system with CD player, power windows and locks, and more.

12-Passenger Van

If you’re traveling with 12 or fewer passengers and need plenty of space, then a 12-passenger van may be a great option for your crew. The passenger van sits higher up on the road than a minivan, which can be valuable to drivers who are accustomed to driving a truck or larger SUV. You also have more space on the bench seats to spread out. However, the 12-passenger van only has a little bit more storage capacity than a minivan. So if you need to haul more than 6 large pieces of luggage, you may want to upgrade to the 15-passenger.

15-Passenger Van

The 15-passenger van has all the same amenities as its little sister, the 12-passenger van. However, it obviously has more space that you can use to either fit more passengers or to store luggage.

Book Your Van Rental

Need more help in selecting the right van? We have your back. Contact EZ Rent A Van today at (760) 846-6223, or book online anytime. When you speak with our staff, be sure to also inquire about our current rental specials. Let EZ Rent A Van help your group get where you need to go.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay