Van Rental TipsYou’re ready to head out on your next great adventure. But first, you need to secure a van rental for your crew. As you look at your options, you’ve narrowed it down to a minivan and 12-passenger van, but you’re struggling to pick the right one. At EZ Rent A Van, we understand the dilemma, so let us help break it down for you.

The Minivan

The minivan is the quintessential family vacation vehicle. It’s loaded with convenient features like power windows and locks, air conditioning, stereo with CD player, and let’s not even get started on the number of cup holders at your disposal. The minivan fits up to seven passengers with comfortable seating, and you can easily fit luggage for up to five adults. A minivan tends to be more fuel efficient than a 12-passenger van, so you will also want to factor that into your final decision.

The 12-Passenger Van

When you’re traveling with several people, a 12-passenger van might be a great choice due to the space it provides. It fits up to 12 adults and has storage capacity for up to 6 people. That factor alone may be what tips the scale in the passenger van direction. (And if you need even more room, then you can upgrade to the 15-passenger model). While the passenger van doesn’t have a ton of frills, it does come equipped with a stereo with CD player as well as power locks and windows.

How to Decide

Now that you know the basics about the vans, you have to determine which one is best for you. Factors that might impact your decision include:

  • Budget: Which van is more affordable to rent? 
  • Passengers: Can your group fit better into a minivan, or do you need more space?
  • Destination: How far are you planning to travel? Can you fit comfortably in a minivan or would more elbow room in a passenger van be best for a long trip?
  • Storage: A minivan and passenger van have comparable storage space. However, if you don’t have enough people to fill a passenger van rental, you can utilize some of the extra seating for storage overflow.

Once you’ve answered some of these questions, hopefully, you’ll be better able to decide which van is right for you.


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photo credit: public domain via pixabay